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Tripp Lite C14 to C13 Splitter PDU Style C14 Male to 2x C13 Female 10A 18in

Tripp Lite C14 to C13 Splitter PDU Style C14 Male to 2x C13 Female 10A 18in

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C14-to-C13 Y-Style Splitter Cord Connects 2 Devices with C14 Inlets to One C13 Outlet

This UL-listed IEC-320-C14 to IEC-320-C13 splitter allows two devices with C14 power inlets to share one AC input cord and one C13 outlet. This C14 male to C13 female cord features a C14 end for connecting to an AC power source on a PDU, surge protector or UPS system and two C13 ends for connecting to devices. By connecting two devices to one outlet in your home office or workspace, the power cord splitter frees up space in a PDU or surge protector and helps reduce cable clutter.

IEC Cable Powers a Wide Variety of Essential Electronics

With this PC power splitter, a single C13 outlet can power two devices, such as computers, monitors, printers, instrument amplifiers and other equipment compatible with a C13 connector. Ideal for areas where AC outlets are limited, such as rack cabinets, this IEC cable is compatible with Tripp Lite power and extension cords.

  • C14-to-C13 splitter allows 2 devices with C14 inlets to share one AC power input cord and one C13 outlet on a PDU or UPS system.
  • Connects 2 devices to one AC outlet to save space and reduce cable clutter
  • Recommended for powering multiple computers, monitors or other compatible peripherals
  • C14 end connects to PDU or UPS power; C13 ends connect to devices' C14 inlets
  • C13-to-C14 PDU-style extension cord is ideal replacement for worn-out or missing cable
  • This product is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty